Aug. 15, 2018

Higher view from the upper room

"Higher view from the upper room"

I like window seats. A window invites me to see more space.  A window invites me to see the beauty and drama of what is going on outside my present four walls. A window can enlarge my view. A window can gve me access to the freedom of  a less confining space  and  view.

This week, at a celebration, i chose a window seat in the back of the upper room of the centuries old Moravian Gemeinhaus in Bethlehem, PA. i have been a Lehigh valley resident for thirty years. More of my personal history has happened here than anywhere else in my earthly life existence.  Some good. Some bad. Some happy. Some painful. But i live in and have grown  to love the lehgh valley for better or worse.

So i sat in this upper  room on monday nght surroinded by living pieces of my history. People who have been part of my joys and sorrows.  Uncomftable, yes. "How do i believe in the possibility of unity when i am part of this perceived imprefect disunity?" My heart  cried. And as declarations of forgiveness and letting go of offense were made i let go and receive a  needed lens. The higher lens of Love.  

University is UNITY in DIVERSITY in LOVE. Perhaps to live this on earth as one multifaceted body, we need to go together, as loved children, linked arm in arm,  to see the higher heavenly view. In Love's higher view,  we are free to see BEauty,  what we look like corporately and individually using LOVE lens of HOPE.

So i do my part to live in Love's bond of unity today. Today, i am choosing to go back to my heart's upper room and see a hugher window view in LOVE . I want you to look into my eye windows and see Love's lhigher view. Will you join me at the window inthe upper room? Jln I , 8-14-18  @joyheartart #superjoythoughts #geimenhausupperroom