Aug. 23, 2018

Choosing to be inconvenienced to be present

 "Choosing to be inconvenienced to be present"

In our thirty years living here there has been some frustration. "Where do you live? Wow, that is so far. What is the weather like there? I don't think I can ..." This said by the same people we regularly saw because we chose to drive to be with them.

We considered moving. We considered just always being in the car en route to somebody else's place and gathering (and were for many years). But this is where we were called to live this season of our lives. In this season of our lives, we have to be more intentional and deliberate in choices of how we use our time.

Inconvenient. Sometimes. Beautiful, quiet, always. So I choose to be here. I choose to know the value. I choose to say thank you that I live in a beautiful place filled with thirty years of walks being present in the Presence of my Beloved. I choose to believe I have value and I am worth inconvenience.

How many times have I told my Beloved I cannot come right now? I cannot come to You. It's too inconvenient. The journey to You is too full of unknowns with which i am not comfortable. Why don't you just keep coming to me? I do not want to come up and see ...How often have I not gone, refused Love's invitation, been too ...?

But maybe today is different. Maybe today I choose to say yes. Maybe today I choose to go the road less travelled to be present with my Beloved in LOVE , where He lives.

Someday, you might choose to just come be inconvenienced and fully present with me and my Beloved in the Peace of quiet beauty that we call Home. Today , I say yes, I will be inconvenienced but present with you where You live, my Beloved. Jln, 8-23-18,