Sep. 8, 2018

The believng process is making diamonds?

Is my believing process making diamonds?

I like dreaming of goals , destinations but rarely do i dream of the process.boring..eveny day .lack luster.  Often n my daily journey i cannot even see progress. Am i really going anywhere? Accomplishing anything? Making any progress in my dtail living  process?

Easily i can lose focus and heart and give  up when i see no progress. Another dream abnddoned by the wayside. So how do i stay engaged, be present in the majority of daily life which is process not goal?

"Joy, you are mking progress. Keep going, my husband shouted repeatedly above the roaring waves. Last year, forty minutes of effort to come to shore fighting a riptide cme down to ten minutes of receiving outside direction to change  my effort and regular shouted progress reports.

Will I listen to the One Who is my destination? Will I be presen in the Truth of the Life Who is Lovet? Will I believe and trust the Higher word. in my daily life?  "Joy, you are making progress. My heart in you is growing,, even glowing .."

Quartz carried
In the FLOW
thousands of years
hundreds of miles
Polished and smoothed
In the process
Deposited where
River meets bay meets ocean -
Sparkling, clarified, light reflecting, rounded Stones, some call
Cape May diamonds.
Seems all diamonds come
from long, pressure filled,
intense, beneath the surface process that creates
priceless BEauty,
an invaluable treasure.
Will I choose to allow my heart
to remain in LOVE's flow,
to BElieve that
the intense process
Refines until as prized treasure
my heART arises and shines?
Will I BElieve to be loved
as I trust and remain
In Life's perfecting,
BEautifying, treasure-making process?
For Love says
I am More valuable treasure,
than even
Jln, 9-8-18