Oct. 7, 2018

The gift of being authentic, loved you

Did you ever encounter someone whose presence is so powerful and real it is confrontational. A person who is a point blank invitation for you to find and be the truly loved you? I have. One of these people is Jason Upton. So grateful for the gift of the poet, storyteller, song writer, amazing singer and musician named Jason Upton.

Spent alot of his sets in tears, even as I danced. I am a poet. I am a storyteller. I write unconventional "worship" songs and stories. I am understood by few. I am an illuminator. I am a mystic, a demonstrator of mystery.

And when I hear Jason, he is so confrontational because he is fully being himself with all his heart and I have no excuse to give up because it is too hard to be me.

"If you love who you are,
you will always love where you are..

When you love who you are
You will love where you are."
Jason Upton

This wisdom followed reading billy joel's "allentown" lyrics which paint a picture with little hope.

Will I believe I am loved? Will I be LOVE where I am and change the tune of the surrounding sound to the frequency, the sound of hope in becoming NEW in LOVE?

"It is a holy thing to be wild and free." Jason Upton

I BElieve i am wild and free to BE loved and to BE LOVE.
Jln, 10-7-18