Oct. 16, 2018

Expecting a good answer with open eyes

Do I have eyes to see? Am I BEing present? Am I able to see when answers show up differently than expected,
inviting me
to see more fully
with more open eyes,
broader view,
to see more and more BEauty
Right in front of me.
Only when visiting the ocean, do I make consistent effort to view sunrises. And this trip ... early morning rising efforts seemed fruitless, no clear bright sunrise.
I loved the morning solitude and there was plenty of BEauty to behold but rain showers, cloud cover and gusty winds consistently dampened my view.
But as I started reviewing and editing and deleting unwanted, unneeded Sunday morning photos I discovered I had what I asked for and more.
I love clouds. Skies fascinate me. I did not have a crystal clear sunrise, but I had brilliant sun, cloud hide and seek.
How often do I miss my heart desires because my view is too narrow, limited, boxed in one expected form so I do not see my answer, bigger and better than I could think or imagine except by the Spirit?
Today, may I have heart to BElieve, have Spirit eyes to BEhold the BEauty that is always present right in front of me. May I be available to see through NOW NEW creation eyes and recognize and live new, glorious, beautiful truths continuously.
Do I take time to review the images of my life and see Love's editing? To BEhold the BEauty.
Do I have eyes to see? Yes, and I will use them to see more and more true BEauty right in front of me. I will be present in and as BEauty. Jln, 10-16-18