Oct. 16, 2018

Radiant SMILE work out

"Working out"
On this day
of unplanned additional
athletic workout
Biking and walking
into the wind gusts
Being freshly
downpour showered -
- Repeat -
Again and again
Cycle of hours,
You appeared
In my path
Providing Substance
for my SMILE
with your entertainning:
bright eyes and
swift dancing legs.
Really being "crabby"
Might have undeserved bad rap
Thank you crab
For reMINDing me
for I am to be
that deLIGHTful substance
In another's path.
For I exercise more muscles
with a Smile than a frown.
Why not continue my
Fitness routine
With a radiant SMILE workout?
Jlln, 10-15-18