Oct. 23, 2018

Love's continual metamorphosis

Seems no appointment is neccessary for transformation - I had no scheduled appointment. I had no specific plan for vision transformation. But apparently Love knew I needed.
I walked into this amazing Tagliatellla gallery in Chelsea because of Kutztown's own, Keith Haring's vibrant childlike art in the window. And then ...
I was drawn further into my own NOW NEW vision as I enjoyed interactive giant butterfly wings and diamond dust coated images of transformation, the work of Rubem Robierb in
Metamorphosis, the process by which one is changed from
one form into another.
Caterpillar to butterfly.
Sinner to SAINT.
Darkness to LIGHT.
Asleep to AWakE.
Fear to LOVE.
Old to now NEW.
Heart blind to SIGHT.
This is Love's story, this is Love's song for my continual no to YES! transformative now new creation, metamorphosis,
Glory to glory.
"I wanted I create a monument that shows the contrasting fragility and strength of our dreams. We are the dreamers ... the ones who LIVE and die to make the impossible happen." Rubem Robierb
YES, Rubem. I am a dreamer and I am Love's dream. And when I stand with these wings, my heart sings.
I Am possible.
I BElieve in Love,
I am metamorphosed,
I can soar,
I can fly for
My heart has wings.
Seems no appointment is necessary for transformative metamorphosis. I just say YES to being and living in  LOVE. Jon. 10-23-18