Oct. 30, 2018

These shoes are made for walking?

"These shoes are made for walking?"
I am an artist.
I am a creative.
I make fashion statements.
Bright colors on dark days.
Flower bouquets in blizzards.
My wardrobe choices speak.
Long before "vintage, repurposed, recycled" was a thing. I was the queen of unique fashion statement. With well worn hand me downs, rummage sale finds as my wardrobe, I was rarely wearing the latest style.
And that is still true now that I have options. I am a trend setter not a trend follower. I am uniquely fashioned and I wear unique fashions. I love fashion. Clothes are extensions of me. Putting together an outfit is fun. Dressing above my mood or mind set uses clothings as a hopefilled reminder to think higher and be a better me. And I enjoy seeing others in their wardwobe gallery display. So today ... I noticed I was making an unintentional new fashion statement as I exited my car upon arrival at my destination ... mismatched shoes. So tomorrow, if you notice another following my lead. Smile. "Say I just read about mismatched shoes as the new fall fashion yesterday on instagram...." Did I tell you I don't follow fashion trends ... I make them ... I am an artist. I make fashion statements. You know, many great discoveries start as accidents. And ... "Yes, my mismatched shoes are made for walking." Jln, 10-29-18