Nov. 11, 2018

Seeing the beauty of black IN the LIGHT

"Seeing the beauty of black IN  the LIGHT "

Maybe I did not know I needed further enLIGHTtenment. But I love COLOR. The colors pouring down the walls showering me and the soulful music drew me, my personal INvitation... and so I entered the exhibit.

As I moved through the Brooklyn Museum, "soul of a nation: art in the age of black power", my vision expanded. Many grateful thoughts of you, ... as I jazz danced through the exhibit and drew and observed living art, beautiful black sisters seeing and being seen in the gallery. I experienced another level of fear scales falling from my heart eyes to see, with new level of LOVE, of compassion, of HEaRt. From darkness to increasing LIGHT in my vision, heart eyes opening wider, to see more.

"Am I seeing the scene?
Am I seeing the living HEaRt
right in front of me?
Am I BEing Love's living art,
Causing the unseen
to be seen
on the canvas
of me?"
Jln, 11-11-18