Nov. 18, 2018

A living invitation to being present. In love beyond death

A livng invitation to being present in LOVE  beyond death 

Lois, two years ago today my Facebook reminded me I posted about letting go of your physical form, your temporary tent as your body ashes blew mixed with my super JOY miracle bubbles in the wind. 
I released. I was forced to let go of one form but I am gaining another greater awareness of the reality that we can never be separated in Love, not even by death. Thank you for the gift of you, Lois, that continues to invite to know more love .
"So I am and will eternally 
be present in Love, 
where there is no time and space 
and I have nothing to lose 
but only gain in grace. 
So I am and will eternally 
be present in Love, 
for here IN LOVE 
we are forever bonded in LIFE 
and we live together in heart 
where there is no more strife. 
So I am and will forever 
be present in LOVE 
where we will forever 
live as one, heart to heart.
death consumed in LIFE. ...."
"In tears 
I let you go
I say goodbye
to the you 
I've known, 
To say hello,
Be free to see
Who you are now
Who we are 
Forever living
In LOVE." 
Jln, 11-18-18