Nov. 29, 2018

I live as a place at Love's feast table

"I live as a place at Love's feast  table"

I was unprepared. I have never been a proper participant at formal feasts. Historically  within mnutes of being seated, I have spilled something annd revealed my  proper etiiquette deficiency. But here there were no seats. I walked the exhibit entrance hallway enthralled  enthralled by the banners and then steped into the herstory  feast  of the "dinner table" i savored with gratitude each place marvelling at the life represented and the uniquely crafted , living tribute. Many names at setting and beneath i did not recognize but most I was famiiliar with but had never thought of their integral role in preparing the way for me to be me. And am I showing my gratitude for their sacrifices by living fully free as me, as if I have a place of honor at Love's heavenlly banquet table?

As I stood and savored details
of each place setting,
as I gratefully feasted,
at "the Dinner Table"
on the stories
of pioneering women
who have gone before me,
In my heart
I knew that
there is a
uniquely crafted place setting
for me, of me, my living story
at Love's heavenly banquet table.
The only admission to feast
at this divine table
Is for me
To BElieve
To BE loved
To BE love.
Yes, I BElieve .
Yes, I will feast, BE loved.
Yes, I will BE the feast, BE love.
I will live my LOVE story
as fearfully and wonderfully designed me who always
has a place of honor
at the table
and who by being love,
invites others
to find their own,
place setting
and feast.
Jln, 11-27-18