Dec. 26, 2018

Love blooms beyond the grave

"Love blooms beyond the grave"

"Love's Beauty of the heart
Blossoms continually, even
beyond the grave.
My mother and I have not been physically together in body for five Christmases now. I miss her presence - her sparkling eyes, her compassionate touch, her piano serenades, her ever listening ears, her hope-filled, hand written notes.
But gratitude for her continues to grow and overflow, be present in my heart. As I write my own cards, play my own piano tunes, hug my own collection of the least of these, I know and share my mother more deeply.
And in spite of my bad track record in plant caretaking ... her Christmas cactus blooms every year on Christmas ... so grateful to heart overflow fir this BEautiful reminder that love never fails.
'In tears
I let you go
I say goodbye
to the you
I've known,
To say hello,
Be free to see
Who you are now
Who we are
Love's Beauty of the heart never dies for LOVE alone remains.
LOVE Blossoms continually in my heart garden, even beyond the grave"
Jln, 12-26-18