Jan. 5, 2019

When a dream is real

"Is this really happening?"
   Sometimes you do not know
it is your dream until it happens.
   Sometimes while it is happening you wonder, "is this for real? Or is this just my imagination?"
Sometimes someone invites you to BE present as you and BElieves more for you than you do.
Sometimes you BElieve Love together and play what Spirit has imagined with you, for you, since before the BEginning and BEyond the end.
     LOVE's sound is the Beginning.
     LOVE's sound is BEyond the end.
     LOVE's sound is healing.
     LOVE's sound is the LIGHT.
And when I returned from exile, I sang a JOYful sound. And it was as if it was a dream. But the dream was more real than anything I could hope, or think or imagine, except IN the Spirit, as a child of the LIGHT, playing in the LIGHT being LOVE.
      One eternal day ... I was IN the Spirit.
      Sometimes you do not know it is your dream, until you wake up and know you are living it.
Jln, 1-5-19