Jan. 6, 2019

Walking in the Spirit as a fealess child

As I finished playing keyboard at an event a friend beckoned. "Hey Joy, can you wait a few moments? I want to get something out of my car for you." 

    "Sure," I replied.

    As I walked out of the building toward his car I was greeted by a lighted balloon. A balloon creation  I had seen from a bus window in manhattan a month ago as I turned to my husbnd and said, " I hope I get one of those one day."

     I laughed giddily playing with my new toy. Priceless. I pondered why the God the unverse would bother to orcheztrate me receiving such a childish whim. " because I love to see you smile Joy" i felt in my being.

     My smile is valuable because  my smile let Love radiantly  flow through my face just as the smiling face of the One who gave me a lighted balloon. 

      The Lord blesses and keeps me. The Lord makes His face shine upon me and is my Peace.

As a truly loved
child of the Light,
I walk in the Light
BEing Love's delight.
My eyes are fixed on
the inescapable presence
of the Light
Who, in the Spirit,
guides my path
as light.
This is the way of love,
where I am fearlessly
BElieving and receiving
the Light as a loved child
wandering in WONDER.
Jln, 1-6-19