Jan. 8, 2019

What if children are here to teach me?

       What if he can teach me as much, if not more, than I can teach him in this moment?
       What if he is more fully participating in and mature in Love in this moment than in innumerable years in a human body?
        What if he remembers Love's forever home, God's heart and is participating in it more fully than I am in this moment?
        Do I BElieve in the Kingdom, I am a truly loved, totally trusting son, a grace dependent child in maturity?
        Do I BElieve and know a little child will lead them, including me for as such is the Kingdom.
Let the little children come and teach me .... as I, in the Spirit, simply come as a loved child and know and participate in ....
       Imagine there is heaven ....
Jln, 1-8-19