Jan. 12, 2019

Lightenng up

      "Give me the paint that makes a horrible painter look good," my husband requested. Well, as we tried sharing this project we got plenty of practice colaboring in uncomfortable territory where we both feel unqualified. Maybe a case of the colorblind leading the ...
Trying to keep communication pathways open was a major task. We had to find ways to laugh, lighten up, while cleaning paint drops from undesired destinations..
    I wanted to be "helpful", share the load. But easily I could believe I was more of a burden than a blessing and abandon the messy learning process and the project. Do I really want to learn, to grow, to serve when I may fail repeatedly? Do I really want to live love when it us vulnerable and messy?
Now a coat of primer is on the wall. We wanted to "lighten up" the room. Maybe a case of the colorblind leading the ... definitely practice at marriage teambuilding and lightening up ...
Keeping communication open is a constant challenge. When in unfamiliar or undesired territory I need to consciously remember I have a Helper and Teacher. I am not alone. I can ask for help. I can surrender my heavy darkness. Allow my burden bearer to make it LIGHTER.
As I cast my burdens on the only ONE qualified to deal with burdens, my heART is less cluttered ... brighter and LIGHTer ... rising and shining.
   Grateful that as Gene and I share this project we get some practice remembering that no matter what the walls look like, we can be LIGHTER and brighter in the process of living.
"Yes, give me plenty of the gracefilled LIGHT, deeper and more eternal than surface paint. Don't just cover my surface, be the LIGHT in, for, through, that overshadows me. Please, ReMIND me to LIGHTEN up as I let You, the Light, live." Jln, 1-12-19