Jan. 14, 2019

Word beyond words

I am often  dumbfounded by the irony that I am compelled to communicate something, someOne who goes beyond words and expression. For many years I was angry. Why did You compell me to be a communicator being trained in and  practicing speaking, writing, drawing, dancing, singing, ... when even  if I do express with excellence-  very few will relate to or want to know my message?. And I will never be able to fully articulate Love.

I know  I could  look at the challenge and enjoy your the endless opportunities. But often I just want to stop. Why communicate,when you have no visible audience? Who am I connecting  with, relating to when I communicate the Master communicator of good news?  Is it enough that the only auduence is the One WHO  is my breath, my message, my inspiration source? Often, i realize I think I need more until I look in Love's eyes as a child and just be Love's expression .beyond words.


I am a unique living word.
I am heART expression that goes beyond words, and yet I write them
Writing the Word that goes BEyond words requires me to BE in the Spirit.
I say YES and let the Spirit of the Word write beyond words through me.
I am heaven's heART expression.
I am uniquely living the WORD.
Jln, 1-14-19