Jan. 16, 2019

It us all a draft. Hold loosely and be held to live.

I need to remember
it is all a draft,
it is all practice,
it is all an opportunity -
Love's invitation -
to learn, to grow.
Life is
as writing
as art ...
not just one performance,
one goal accomplished,
one best seller published,
one commission sold.
Life is an invitation to live boldly, teachably, humbly being continually edited by my Teacher, Friend, Helper, LOVE to shine brighter,
live lighter,
become more refined, authentic,
as the Word
that formed me
is formed in me.
I try never to get so attached to my original idea that I forget there is always MORE to be learned, discovered, revealed in the process of eternally being present in LOVE.
I freely live in LOVE
as a continuous draft
being transformed,
glory to glory.
Drafts are good.
Drafts are necessary.
Drafts are concrete evidence
that my heART is giving and
I am BEauty-fully
BEing present and living
as Love.
Jln, 1-16-19