Jan. 17, 2019

More than being in the mood i will be IN LOVE

Do you see that Mickey and I are heART expressions?
Often as an artist, a creative heART expressor, I want to be "IN THE MOOD" allowing MOOD, feelings, to be my muse, to rule me.
I feel deeply and even in silence, I speak loudly for I am a heART expression.
For years I tried to silence the feelings, the moods. I tried not to be a hostage to MOOD. I tried to silence the gift of feelings with greater rationalizations.
But limiting logic and rationalizations brought no peace just allowed fear to dominate the heart gift of my sacred imagination. Logic did not free me but kill my passiom, kill my heart.
Hope died. Joy was all but nonexistence. PEACE was a good idea but not my reality.
But thank God for resurrection. And new heart transplants. And the gifts of feelings and moods that tell me what I actually, irrationally BElieve.
For I, as every man, am designed for passion. I am designed to think with my heart. Not feelings vs. Logic but both in LOVE.
JOY is not a feeling.
HOPE is not a mood.
PEACE is a gift of another Kingdom found IN LOVE.
So I will not be a hostage, have to be in denial or be "in the mood" to experience and express passionate heART gifts of JOY, HOPE, PEACE. I choose to receive those gifts in abundance, overflowing in expressing. I choose to be not simply "in the mood" but IN the Kingdom of heART, to BE passionately present IN LOVE.
I may not be "in the mood" but I will be present, a heART expression, IN LOVE.
Jln, 1-17-19