Jan. 18, 2019

Being oresent, allowing LOVE,civer, mold, HIGHlight , edit me

     Have you ever made cutout  cookies? You roll out the dough then press the preselected,  perfectly molded shape into the dough. In an instant the desired shape is revealed, cut out of the remaining unshaped dough. The mold brings definition. The mold brings clarity. The mold shapes the dough into something beautiful. The mold edits.

   DO I allow my heart to get so so close to its Author and Finisher (editor, molder, pottet, shaper) that Love's perfect heart mold  is pressed into my heart of flesh and all unnecessary  is stripped away to reveal the essence, the true BEauty of Lovr's desugn of  me? 

   As  I walked silently in snow dusted beauty of back  yard this morning, I saw the highLIGHTs.  Will I alllow Love's glory to coat me? To mold? To reveal essential shape of Love's BEauty  of me.

     I say YES. i will simply be present  in LOVE's greater presence and let it cover, edit, HIGHlight mr.

A gift to:
CUT the unnecessary.
Throw off burdensome weight.
Sacrifice darlings.
Bring into FOCUS.
Make every word count.
Emphasize, accentuate idea FLOW.
Polish to Spirit SHINE.
HighLIGHT trunk connecting roots to branches to leaves and fruit as I simply abide IN LOVE.
Do I remember the AUTHOR and Finisher lives LOVE in and as me?
Do I simply BElieve?
Do I know I am like a tree?
Do I know LOVE is my story?
Will I let LOVE highLIGHT, edit me?
Will I as a child,
BE dawn of GLORY-
as LOVE edits,
causing my new heART
to arise and SHINE.
Jln, 1-18-19