Feb. 3, 2019

Walk, run, fly, soar adoring in the Spirit, in the Light

On a slightly less frigid day with wind chills above zero I bundled up in slightly fewer layers to be in the Light. Sunlight is so good for my heart. Sunlight warms me inside out. I started the walk aware of my slightly stiff and aching body that was fighting a cold. Within minutes of starting my journey, I was no longer fighting, just being present as a loved child absorbed in the BEauty of being in the Light. I am grateful for Spirit in Whom I live and move and have my being walking on cold days with heart ascending in the Light. I am grateful for Love's eternal Sonlight.

Why walk when I can fly?

Wandering in WONDERland

walking in the Light

is this a runway to take off into flight?

Why stay on the earth

when I can touch beyond the sky?

For it is LOVE Who lifts me, 

is the Way high.

IN LOVE, I am designed for more.

I will walk, run, leap, fly

through the open Door.

as I adore, I will soar. Jln, 2-2-19