Feb. 8, 2019

This is me. Living and being heARTwork.

heART. This is me, living, and being heARTwork.

I had a nutritional live blood cell analysis done Thursday ... and in the middle I said, "Wow I wish I could have these photos, I would love to see these in a gallery, so fascinating" ....

"Well, you can take pictures of the screen, " the doctor laughingly responded.

So here I am. My blood cell selfie. Pictures, masterpieces, mysteries inside me revealed through lens of phase contrast microscope projected on TV..

I knew the heavenly Blood that flows through my veins is powerful LIFE force. But I am amazed at the BEauty of how fearfully and WONDERfully I am made. I truly live as Master Peace. In the Spirit, I live, move, have my BEing. I inhale Spirit breath to be life for every cell as Love circulates through every part of me.

Grateful for microscopes and Spirit that reveals innermost to the outermost.Grateful for my blood made BEautiful in the Blood that never stops powerfully flowing in me. For out of my innermost being BEauty flows ..and now I have a blood cell selfie to reveal it ... this is me iving, being heARTwork... jln, 2-8-19