Feb. 9, 2019

Looking in love's mirror through the lighted balloon lens

Mirrors have not been my friends. I have spent most of my life trying to upgrade and change what I see in them. Always chasing the reflection that would say you are beautiful, you are enough, you are loved, I looked in the mirror in vain. . Looking in mirrors frequently confronts me revealing what I believe about me. 

The presence of multiple huge mirrors in my dance classes has been confrontational but has taught me that mirrors have value. Mirrors reveal misalignment. What if some mirrorrrrrrs could reveal heart misalignments too and just by looking make the adjustment. What if Love is a true mirror that I need to often look into and through to see true, to see clearly, to see at all. May true Love be the mirror I choose.

Reflecting, Is this mirror image

through a lighted balloon

a truer view of who LOVE sees as me?

Love sees as you?

If only I would see everyone through

lens of lighted balloon

I'm sure they would glow and

Love would grow.

Perhaps we all as children

need to seek this brighter view

as through a multisided reflection

of a lighted balloon. Jln, 2-8-19