Feb. 18, 2019

Being a child led by love

And a little child shall lead them ..

. Why yes, especially if your name is Ezra. How do explain to an insistent almost six year old that getting on to the frozen swamp is not as easy when your size can easily crack the edge over which he easily glides?

If you are me you do not. You give up explanations and ask him to pull you ... and he does ... and soon you both are slip sliding away joined by hand and heart. Fifty years separate us in age but there is no distance between Ezra and I in ageless. fearless Love ....

So this photo and story made possible by a little child who did lead me joyfully in new adventures, wandering in timeless wonder, letting go of fear and embracing and exploring Love. May I never outgrow being a child who is led by Love. Jln, 2-18-19