Feb. 20, 2019

I am like a tree, be-leafing.

THOUGHTS ON BEING LIKE A TREE, BE-LEAFing. I am like a tree always in the eternal NOW season of LIFE. I am like a tree with leaves that never fade. Do I simply as a child of the Light, "BE-leave, BE-leaf" as I abide in the One who is the Truth?

My merciful God is hammering away at how subtle so many of my "un-BE-liefs" are. Often I have been expecting God to prove "Himself" to be true with my limited vision of what good manifested looks like instead of BE-"leafing" (leaves are healing) and asking Spirit to open my heart eyes to perceive His goodness because I am blind to it but I desire to know Love, to see Love, in all ...

When confronted in my un-BE-leaf, I am learning to say "help" instead of hide. I am learning to lean into trust instead of lean on to my own understanding. When my sinuses drip, when my friend hurts, when my chest tightens to national headlines, when my eyes are blind to goodness ... I need help. I am starting to believe the first thing that needs to change is me. "Spirit, help me. Be my belief. I wanna know You. I want to see."

I am like a tree. With leaf that never fades. Deeply rooted by streams. With leaves that are the healing of the nations. Do I believe, BE-leave, this? Do I simply as a child believe, the One in Whom I abide, the Maker of me and  all the many types of trees.jln, 2÷20-19