Feb. 23, 2019

As a child I am like a tree

"As a child of the Light,

I am like a tree,

DeLIGHTing, deeply rooted IN LOVE,

BE-leaf-ing." Jln, SUPER JOY, 2-23-19

How do you meditate on the Truth until you believe and the Truth becomes the Life to you? For me I deLIGHT as a child, I play as pray, IN the Spirit. I express the TRUTH, Who is LOVE, in many heART mediums: singing, dancing, drawing, keyboard playing, dishwashing, cleaning, hugging. As I express pure heART thoughts, renewing my mind, IBElieve.

As I believe,

I see Who Love says I am,,

I BEcome living Love.

For as this child thinks in her heART,

so is she.

My Life is Love, a work of heART.

Jln, 2-23-19 (This play to pray heART meditation is psalm 1, ephesians 3).