Feb. 25, 2019

Seeing beauty in the fog

How do you feel surrounded by fog.? At the beginning if this walk I struggled to keep going knowing I needed to reframe my thoughts about this murky mysteriousness. I wanted to avoid the walk as my internal matches external surroundings. But as we walked I found the beauty in only being able to focus on what, Who was right in front if me. I found beauty previously unduscovery in the fig, in the mystery.

Eternal journey.

facing forward,

encompassed, surrounded by the tangible Presence, I walk deeper into Love, desiring to know Love's unknowns. I trust with ALL my heart, lean not on my own understanding, in all my ways acknowledge Love. For it is Love Who directs my paths as we walk deeper into living mystery (mist-ery)

facing forward

on eternal journey. jln, 2-25-19