Feb. 26, 2019

Simply as a child believing being y err od beholding

It is supposed to be a quick reflection, this vulnerable heart journal. Keep it simple, so you want more and will keep doing it...  but somewhere it became complicated, again. So many marks, erased, redrawn, now new a thousand times, just like me. Transformation is a revealing process.  But shall we say yes, again and again, as we choose to look, to return, the gaze of Love that never takes eyes off of us...

I will say yes, even to the exposure, the mess, to know and be known by Love. I say yes to believe, to behold, to become the now new.

Vulnerable heART journal #4.


Simply as a child,


.BEing held by LOVE

, BEholding.

Locked in LOVE's gaze,

BEing held,


BEhold LOVE does make ALL things,

Including me,

Now NEW. Jln, SUPER JOY, 2-26-19