Feb. 27, 2019

I lift my eyes

Why do I spend so much time looking up at the sky? Why when I am downhearted do I choose  look up? Why do I purposelessly sit near windows? Why do I schedule walks to sky view? Why do I swim on my back in the sea? Simply, I look up to see Love looking back at me.

I lift my eyes:

To say thank you;

To see glorious BEauty;

To broaden my perspective;

To travel outside the confines of my head.

I lift my eyes:

To BE LOVED while exploring

the limitless LOVE,

Who opens my childlike heART

as I wander in awe and wonder,

as a beloved child,

who is Love's deLIGHT.

I lift my eyes

To be free to SEE LOVE,

Who writes in the sky for me.

I lift my eyes.

Jln, SUPER JOY, 2-27-19