Mar. 3, 2019

Abstraction as an invitation to more reality

"EPIC ABSTRACTION". The art show at the Met drew me in. Whether you appreciate, like, think abstract art is ... it is a statement. So too am I. Many moments I feel chaotic, an abstraction. Ut when I look through Love's heavenly lens, I see beauty, reality.

Grateful for abstractions that go beyond my thoughts, my boxes, the ways I see BEauty to invite me to see differently to see more.

Hey, thank you Jackson Pollock.

Your beautiful work is on display at #theMet.

in a show called "epic abstraction".

Hey, thank you, LOVE.

Your fearful and WONDERful living masterpiece, poem, Super JOY,

is on display everywhere as part of Your glorious show, "

BEyond epic REALity".

Thank you, Mr Pollock.

Thank you, LOVE.

Thank you, heARTists everywhere for BElieving and

making the unseen reality seen as our show to tell.

I am epic, poetically thankful. 

Jln, super joy, 3-3-19