Mar. 4, 2019

Love, pick me up, 0lease

Yesterday I opened our corporate worship by sharing a favorite current meditation on postures of being a trusting, beloved, child of the Light. My same raised hands of surrender are "Papa, please pick me up!"

. Have you ever been with a young toddler who wants nothing more than to be held by you? That's who I want to be in the Presence of my God of ALL HOPE. I want to be that child who at all times in all situations remembers to raise my hands in adoration and awe. I want to be that child who raises my eyes and looks in those burning eyes looking at me.

I want to be that child who knows there is no place I would rather be than being held in those loving arms of Love. while resting my head on that chest. I am so thankful for Love that lifts me up where I belong and carries me as I find rest in the Presence of living Peace. 

I surrender in trust to unfailing, unchanging Love, 'Papa, please pick me UP!" Jln, 3-4-19