Mar. 5, 2019

Trying on high fashion in the window

There was a day when I felt I did not belong. I was an imposter -not smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough to deserve to be ... anywhere, especially not Maduson Avenue. 

But on Saturday I lingered outside windows enjoying the view. The art of fashion on display. And I actually walked in to two stores. Interacting with staff, encouraging, enjoying because love always fits in every venue.

And as I reviewed my photos and saw my reflection in some shots I had the craziestcthought. Int was the easiest way to try on high fashion as a reflection.  May I live as that true reflection of what I see in heavenly mirror of living word who us the Truth. May I love true.

BEing reflective.


I am these photos.

Can you find me? Do you see me? Easiest way for me to try on the latest fashions is reflecting while window shopping on Madison Avenue. My size, income, status is not an issue. The window is my invitation - To see differently - To think higher - To experience new vision - To be clothed in, framed in tailored art - To see me in and as Love's divine designer beauty. Yes, I walk in BEauty. Yes, I walk on the highest heavenly runway Clothed with out of this world but for it LOVE. I need to look in Love's living mirror often to truly see reflection that is reality.

BEing reflective.


Love is in these photos.

Can you find Me?

Do you see Love? Jln, 3-5-19