Mar. 7, 2019

Playing as praying.

I frequently have people ask for prayer.  They know prayer is a lifestyle for me. I do not just play at the practice I practice continually.

Prayer to me is an ongoing two sided conversation, a dialogue, not monoloque with the Spirit. I regularly checkin to be consciously aware, to be  present in the Spirit's presence. I talk, I listen. We do life together as divine friends in union.

So as I walk streets i am being Spirit  present, praying, blessing, playing as life flow praying. I am praying.without ceasing. As a child who walks in the Light being Light in the darkness.

I do go out with JOY.

I am led forth IN PEACE.

I do not come just to take

but to BE present IN LOVE

to FLOW as LOVE,

to overflow,

to give, to bless.

I speak and release Life

with every breath, every move,

as a child of the Light BEing IN the Spirit.

The Light goes before me

directing my steps and the trail behind me

surely is GOODness and MERCY.

I play as pray perpetually l

iving as Love IN the Spirit.

Will you as a beloved child join me? Jln, SUPER JOY, 3-6-19