Mar. 12, 2019

Super JOY is being heaven's serious business

The fog shrouded evening made the train station feel a little extra unsafe, creepy, mysterious. But where there is darkness, the Light is most needed, right? So to the discomfort of my husband I asked to stop a few moments and he hesitantly gave assent to pause briefly. I  changed into my Super sweatshirt and blew bubbles. I invited the Light to be present with me, the greater Presence, in my fear . I invited the Light to shine out of me as I lightened up and overflowed as serious JOY, SUPER JOY.

JOY is the serious business of heaven.

So why not BE serious JOY bringing heaven on earth?

Playing as praying.


Showing to tell.

Bringing smiles.


Super JOY bubbles over to demonstrate crazy good LOVE and help neighborhoods LIGHTen UP by being a child of deLIGHT even in the darkness.

SUPER JOY is seriously Being heaven's business On earth.

Jln, 3-11-19