Mar. 26, 2019

Walking in quietness of trust

This day I woke heavy. Twelve hours of sleep did little restoration for my exhausted, depleted body and heart. This day I walked in quietness. I walked saying thank you not because I felt like walking or thanking. I walked as one more of my heart opened tools. I walked to.just be in beauty with no pressure to do anything but be in the Presence of the One Who is Peace. And Peace came. And Love silently held me as I walked saying thank you for being displayed in beauty. Today,  may I choose to walk in quietness of trust.


" LOVE leads me by still waters.

As One, IN awe and wonder, together,

LOVE and i,

we wander.

Simply deLIGHTing,

our hearts BEcome still,

to KNOW and be at rest.


WE, as deep, still waters go.

LOVE leads me and never leaves me,

as We increasingly know,

the quietness of trust.

Jln, SUPER JOY, 3-25-19