Mar. 26, 2019

Compassionate Prayer is my life flow

Super JOY Vulnerable heART journals of 3-17-19:

He anoints my head with oil

. He washes my feet with tears.

Compassionate Prayer is connection, is love.

When someone comes into my life more times than not, they come into my heart.

I, with compassion, "carry" (care) many people in my heart.

Many of these heart treasures are people, I rarely see in person. Still they are available for my friend, Spirit Who is holy, in my heart album of faces. Often as I go through my day, a face comes to mind. I pay attention. I acknowledge receipt of this heart prompt. I take each face and ask the best prayer warrior ever, Spirit, how to pray. I ask for some word, thought, action for this person and say or do it. The whole process is usually brief from prompt to release.

This is the Joy of praying without ceasing, living in communion, with the best Teacher, Guide, Intercessor, Spirit Who is Holy. I get to colabor and be HOPE.

Because I am a precious beloved face in the heart of Love, I am free to care, to have com-passion, to overflowingly love.

On Sunday during worship I was impressed to simply draw some Truth I have meditated on for years. He, Love, anoints my head with oil (psalm 23). He washes my feet (john 13:8-10) Meditation gives me true images for me and others.

You see I have another album in my heart of all the promise images Spirit has given when I needed Peace and something pure, lovely, true, of good report to think for myself and others when everything I saw with my physical eyes was not so pure and lovely. Often Spirit matches a human face with a well worn promise image I have desperately needed. Spirit does this well because Spirit does this face promise match believing the best for me continuously.

On Sunday, the worship leader, Ekom Uko, added another beautiful nuance, another true image. Jesus anoints my head with oil and washes my feet with his tears. Cannot help but think of the woman who came with the alabaster box (matthew 26:7, mark 14:3, Luke 7:37) and anointed Jesus head with expensive fragrant (Oil he probably smelled through his greatest physical suffering.) and washed his feet with her tears (Luke 7:38). This is Love. Love flows where receiver and giver switch places and are both simultaneously.

This is Life in the Spirit.

This is Prayer.

Heart broken open to flow.

Love's heart is broken open flowing through me

I am anointed.

I anoint.

My feet are washed.

I wash feet, often with tears, always humbly, gratefully. Jln, SUPER JOY, 3-19-19