Mar. 29, 2019

I spy new, do you?

I planted an amaryllis bulb a few months ago. It took four weeks for signs of life. The shots, leaves sprouted but no bloom. So when I saw a sunflower seed kit I was tempted to not try again. But gratefully, I did not. I once again followed directions. I planted and now I see growth.

Often seeds of Love I sow seem to be like the amaryllis bulb, delayed growth and no bloom or fruit. Should K stop sowing? No. I know Love only grows by sharing, overflowing sowing. So I keep sowing. Listening to Spirit for direction as we grow the garden together, my heart and the world.

"Growing is BEautiful.

Growing in gratitude is LOVEly." SUPER JOY

What seeds of LOVE have I sown and planted today?

What gratitude have I expressed today that opened the gates of my divine heART garden?

What signs of NEW growth in LOVE have I spied growing,

shooting up as evidence of ongoing heavenly cultivation?

For me the sight of NEW growth makes me smile.

The sight causes me to BElieve (BElive) and HOPE for even more unseen LOVE to BEcome seen.

What NEW growth have you seen today that causes you to smile and BElieve and hope for more? Please share your new with me. Let us gratefully feast on LOVE together as family. You see, here is evidence - I spy new, do you? Jln, SUPER JOY, 3-29-19