Apr. 16, 2019

Being present above in peace of Love

I rarely get to fly on airplanes these days.. But when I do, I love the Peaceful views. For this continuous cloud watcher, who lifts her eyes, there are such incredibly sights in and surrounded by and above the clouds.

These aerial images are rich for my sacred Spirit imagination. What does Peace look like? What does my spirit being continually present in Peace see? Peace. Being saturated in Peace, being seated above in the heavenlies to know more Love, can I see, touch, taste, feel, hear that permanent position of Peace right now? Can my spirit, seated in Love, flow through my body accessing Peace at all times in all situations?

In this delayed air travel through several storms (i.e. blizzards, high winds) over the past few days, I was not always aware of Peace. I was disappointed at how many times I caught myself in anything but Peace. But at least I recognize being present in the One Who is Peace is always an option. And today as I sit writing in my home, mourning the Notre Dame with many, and processing the many priceless precious and difficult moments of the past few days ....

I lift my eyes with tears. I lift  my eyes, I look up.

Are you grieving today? Mourning loss of the Notre Dome or other precious personal treasure? Are you disappointed in your circumstances or how you are being present in your circumstances? If you say yes to any of the above, please feel free to join me in lifting our eyes together.. Hurting heart open, hands raised, let's look up saying, 'Love, please come be my Peace. I will be present in You. my Peace, my Beloved, I will receive Your higher view."

You and I let's fly in Peace today, together, authentically living the Highest perspective of Love. Jln, SUPER JOY, 4-16-19