Apr. 30, 2019

Living as Love's children's picture book

"Is that you in the children's picture book section again, Joy?," my community librarian teased. "

"Why yes, I will never leave this section."

I professionally have used picture books to inspire all age audiences for decades. (And I have quite a few, one of a kind picture stories, I created for special occasions, that remain in my files). Today, I am once again returning to this favorite resource to speak truth to my childlike heart.

The magical mystery of art and word in PICTURE books invite me to SEE differently timeless truths, I often overlook but desperately need to see with my tired adult eyes. Picture books invite me to see through eyes of heART to hope, as I wander in wonder as the ageless child of the Light I am. I am so grateful for the heart gift of writers, artists, picture books, for stories that beautifully show to tell.

Do you have a favorite children's story too? A story that invites you to simply see as a child? Today, won't you join me in intentionally using whatever tools we need to reMIND ourselves, we are always free to be loved and find hope as the ageless children of Love's heART we are.

You see, I never leave the children's section. I am living a timeless story of Love. I am a living picture book expressing and speaking from and to the BElieving, childlike heart of Love. Jln, SUPER JOY, 4-30-19