May. 1, 2019

Are my heart roots deep in Love?

Are my heart roots deep in Love? As I walk on a hilly path by a stream I look up on the hillside above to see thick roots around rocks of mature tree. Defying my logic this tenacious seed rooted deep gripping, surrounding rock to find food, security. 

Is my heart rooted this deep? A wise teacher said a wise man builds his house upon a rock. For in the storm the quality of foundation is revealed.when the storms come am I so deeply rooted in Love that the tree of me stands tall?

Roots to shoots.

These roots went around the rocks

even breaking down the shale, slate

with tenacious grip to feed, support

the mature tree on high grade soil

securely being life above me. I

s my heart rooted this securely,

deep in soil Love. to be a tree of Life above?

Do I have deep roots

to be tall, unshakeable, mature shoots?

Jln, SUPER JOY, 5-1-19