May. 19, 2019

Finding beauty in brokenness

"Give me your tired and weak," the tree seems to say. It is a broken tree. Not much substance. A dead trunk and decayed branches in a sand dune. But decorated with these shells this dead tree reminds me of a Christmas tree with its many unique beached ornaments (which also are worn, broken, not whole and were placed here by some passerby, like me). "

Oh, no", I think. These shells are the ones a treasure seeker like me excitedly spots, partially covered. Then as the shell is lifted from its sand cover the flaws, the gaping holes are revealed. The excitement quickly turns to disappointment with more close up inspection. But here in this varied assortment of broken display I spy beauty. Only shells with holes will fit on a branch.

It may not be a burning bush but my bare feet on this hit sand says this moment, being present in Love's Presence, is holy. Here on the beach I see that even the broken has a purpose, a place. Sometimes brokenness, weakness is the best way to display grace. Grace is not designed to be owned in closed containers but to flow. Containers with holes do not obstruct flow. Containers with holes steward, not own. Containers with holes can be temporary conduits for something of greater value. I walk on pondering.

I start another holy place further down the beach for another to share. I gather my own broken vessels and listen to the ocean in their emptiness before placing them on another dead tree branch. .

As I leave the beach, my heart resounds with another invitation. "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest".

The Tree of Life invites me to take my broken open heart shell and find my place of rest on a branch. Here the Life will be my Perfection, Completion, displaying me as a glorious ornament of beauty. As part of this Tree of Life my broken, is just a way to attach to the branch. Here, my unwhole abides, being transformed to Holy.

Yes, brokenness has a purpose, beauty. Surrendered, broken open hearts can be hung on a Tree to display Love's grace flow in BEauty.

Join me in giving all our broken to the One who completes and displays us as Grace-flowing conduits of beauty.

Jln, SUPER JOY, 5-18-19