Jun. 18, 2019

Am I growing in Love as Love ?


Being. In this dimension of time,

Growing is a slow steady process,

barely perceivable

in back to back moments.

But there is evidence of growing

because multiplication of moments

produces noticeable change.

Being fruitful and multiplying is

cycle upon cycle of life,

producing growth

tangible evidence of multitude of moments

being - multiplied.

As I physically grow old,

is my spirit,

my heart,

my being, growing?

Am I flowing in Love

that does not diminish but

grows and keeps growing.

Am I being loved and being Love,

eternally growing?

I planted four sunflower seeds on my mother-in-love's birthday in mid March. Within a week I saw sprouts. Three months later, I see seed filled bright blooms. But if I just sat and watched them tirelessly for consecutive hours, in the process, I might have not believed, cause I did not see change, evidence, the seeds were growing.

Today may I believe Love's incorruptible seed is unstoppably growing in me. Today may I trust that as I am being loved, being love, I am Love fruitfully multiplying, growing. Jln, SUPER JOY, 6-18-19