Jul. 6, 2019

Heart legacies of Love that remaon

Always and forever. Kathy aka Bubblicious" the bubble container says.

Yesterday I accompanied my 40 year old friend to her echocardiogram (heart images) at the hospital. As I walked to the hospital entrance I reached in my purse and found heart shape bubble wand from my friend Kathryn's, aka Bubblicious, memorial. Thought it was such a fitting blessing to use these bubbles, from the woman hospitals labeled a "miracle" many times over, to help me BE present IN LOVE's strength and courage as we confronted fear again.

I do not know today what action I will take that will be significant outlasting me.

I do know that Love remains.

I do know what I do with a heart of Love will remain long after my body and will be fruitful and multiply.

Today I am grateful for Love that has gone before me and given me gifts that remain. Today I will choose to colabor with, to walk wholeheartedly being present IN LOVE. Today I will love more and fear less.

Today I will leave a timeless gift of my own (legaSEE) for another who comes behind me. Maybe that gift will look like SUPER JOY bubbles that never end.... Jln, SUPER JOY, 7-6-19