Jul. 8, 2019

I am Joy. I am a dancer I joyfully dance to be who Love sees me to be

I AM. ..... because I believe, I train, I practice, I persevere .... knowing this truly is Who Love says I am. 

"You are so graceful". I am never sure how to respond to this offered affirmation, encouragement .... Should I tell them how many things I spill a day? or that appearances are not always what they seem? Or that grace takes practice? .....

"You are such a dancer. ...." (as if I came out of the womb with a jete ....) Should I tell them I always danced but had no access to formal classes until I was in my mid thirties? Should I tell them that then, and now, my biggest challenge is my belief, my mind, not the mechanics?

Well, just in case, you think I am accidentally graceful ... think again. I am a dancer by reason of belief, practice, training and use. I was and always will be a dancer but the proof is not my words but my way of living.

And when I want to give up at the barre because my brain and body seem disconnected and my performance way below my expectations and pain lurks ... I look to the athletic posters on the wall and breathe and remember I want to let Spirit have one more chance to move my body.

I am Joy

. I am a dancer because

I dance in heart, mind, Spirit and body ...

that is my deLIGHTful way to be the me Love sees

. Jln, SUPER JOY, 7-7-19 @joyheartart