Jul. 8, 2019

Whole heartedly flowing in Love through perceived barriers

What if the difficulty I seem to face in navigating transitions is of my own making? What if I am designed for effortless transitions being present in rest. What if all really is found in Love access simply through the One Who is the Way?

Simply gloriously reflecting. 

Lake Reflections converging

generating Spirit reflective thoughts on,

"what is real?" as another layer of true vision is unveiled, revealed by going through ...

The divisions between dimensions in Love is much more fluid than I have previously perceived.

As I WHOLE-heartedly believe and truly see, as, in, through more LOVE (more than a glass darkly more like a glass LIGHTly) I perceive less distinct divisions and more heART FLOW seamlessly connecting every dimension of LOVE.

I am simply Spirit reflecting while canoeing through glorious BEautiful reflections of ALL that is found flowing being present IN Love.

Love simply asks, "Will you join Me In BElieving, breaking through all your constructed barriers, flowing into the perceiving of the greater reality of limitless you in Me and Me in you?" Jln, SUPER JOY, 7-8-19