Jul. 19, 2019

Finding JOY in the mourning using the gift of bubbles

If you wanna know why I started using bubbles... grief, heartache would be central in the answer.

My heart has always been sensitive, so I feel alot and intensely. Not all emotions are fun, "joyfull". I have done a lot of grieving in my lifetime and have needed to use every tool I could to find JOY in my mourning in my living.

I first seriously used bubbles as a JOY tool when my oldest sister, Patricia, was months from death. I bought her a crown and huge super miracle bubble wand and we did bubbles together for a few moments to laugh, to find delight, to remember we are children of the Light. We did bubbles to live, to believe, even in her painful process of dying. In the seven years since then ...

I carry bubbles everywhere as an atmosphere changer, a JOY finder, a grateful heart opener, a prayer. I rarely can do bubbles without laughing and remembering I get to be present living in this moment as a child of the Light, as a child of delight. I finally believe my passionately AWarE, expressive heART is a gift and I get to share it with the world, especially in difficult places

Yes, there is JOY in the mourning. For JOY is a gift of the Kingdom, not of this world, of the Spirit in Who I move, live and have my being. EnJOY your own view, being a child in awe and wonder, as you journey through my sunset, farmfield prayer walk in the attached photo  (And maybe find, carry and do some bubbles or find a beautiful heart opener, view reframer of your own).

"My soul doth magnify and

My spirit reJOYces ...

Bubbles help me

To see and be

Delightfully free as

Child of the Light, me.

What awe do you feel?

What do you see?

My friend said heART of Eden

is captured here for her, you and me."

Jln, SUPER JOY, 7-19-19