Jul. 26, 2019

Joy heart opener tools for my Love belt


BUBBLES have been an incredible gift, a tool to help my hurting heart, bring some childlike wonder and JOY, to accompany me and help me be present in some incredibly painful moments in my life and grief journey. Sometimes I do bubbles so I have one concrete thing for which to say "thank you" for in a moment. I rarely can do bubbles without some brief flicker of smile or laugh even on my worst days. Bubbles encourage me.

What are some simple, practical tools or practices you use to accompany you and strengthen you in your "I wanna give up", "living is just too hard" moments? I would love to expand my Love tool set with your encouraging heart hammers and wrenches and pliers ...I can always use more reminders of the JOYful heart that is really good medicine for what ails me. I look forward to reading and using your JOY openers!

Let's find some of our JOY together so we can be fully aware of and present in Love today". Jln, SUPER JOY, 7-26-19