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Jul. 6, 2019

Always and forever. Kathy aka Bubblicious" the bubble container says.

Yesterday I accompanied my 40 year old friend to her echocardiogram (heart images) at the hospital. As I walked to the hospital entrance I reached in my purse and found heart shape bubble wand from my friend Kathryn's, aka Bubblicious, memorial. Thought it was such a fitting blessing to use these bubbles, from the woman hospitals labeled a "miracle" many times over, to help me BE present IN LOVE's strength and courage as we confronted fear again.

I do not know today what action I will take that will be significant outlasting me.

I do know that Love remains.

I do know what I do with a heart of Love will remain long after my body and will be fruitful and multiply.

Today I am grateful for Love that has gone before me and given me gifts that remain. Today I will choose to colabor with, to walk wholeheartedly being present IN LOVE. Today I will love more and fear less.

Today I will leave a timeless gift of my own (legaSEE) for another who comes behind me. Maybe that gift will look like SUPER JOY bubbles that never end.... Jln, SUPER JOY, 7-6-19

Jun. 18, 2019


Being. In this dimension of time,

Growing is a slow steady process,

barely perceivable

in back to back moments.

But there is evidence of growing

because multiplication of moments

produces noticeable change.

Being fruitful and multiplying is

cycle upon cycle of life,

producing growth

tangible evidence of multitude of moments

being - multiplied.

As I physically grow old,

is my spirit,

my heart,

my being, growing?

Am I flowing in Love

that does not diminish but

grows and keeps growing.

Am I being loved and being Love,

eternally growing?

I planted four sunflower seeds on my mother-in-love's birthday in mid March. Within a week I saw sprouts. Three months later, I see seed filled bright blooms. But if I just sat and watched them tirelessly for consecutive hours, in the process, I might have not believed, cause I did not see change, evidence, the seeds were growing.

Today may I believe Love's incorruptible seed is unstoppably growing in me. Today may I trust that as I am being loved, being love, I am Love fruitfully multiplying, growing. Jln, SUPER JOY, 6-18-19

Jun. 12, 2019

I am a MESSenger.


I am a colorful, crazy display of HOPE.

Yes, I am that billboard, sign of Love,

that causes all to stop and wonder.

Is there really Hope?

Is there really Joy?

Is there really Peace?

Is there really Love?

Is there I Am? Well, maybe ...

Sunday, as I prepared to accompany a dear friend to another biopsy on Monday. I had to let go, to be free, to compassionately care, to be fully present and available in Love.

So I victory paraded

In the Spirit as a child

on Pentecost.

I played to pray releasing,

making my requests known and

listening to the One Who is Love,

the One Who is in all above,

the One Who truly knows ... I Am.

I walked a trail and a main small town street with wind blowing my colorful celebration promise scarf as canopy above my head.

This is how I pray.

I believe as a child

with heart wide open as

I live, move, and have my being living IN the Way.

So in the challenges, in the fun, in the grief, in the Sun ....

Is there really HOPE, JOY, PEACE, LOVE? Well, yes, I am just crazy enough to believe there is and to be, to live it. Jln, SUPER JOY, 6-12-19

Jun. 11, 2019

 On Friday a five year old swimming pool patron stopped with her 2 companions and eyed me up repeatedly as I got out of the pool and started drying myself. ."Hi,!" I said.

  "Are you THE SWIMMER?"," she asked.

"Why yes I am." I replied.

"I really like your hat," she exclaimed.

"Thank you. I love it too. Are you a swimmer?:"

"Yes I am a swimmer! But not my baby sister Brooke, she is 2, she can't even swim ... But I went off the diving board one time ... but I but I was real-llllly scared," she replied.

"That is awesome. I love meeting another swimmer who is so brave ..."

She smiled and skipped away with her baby sister and friend.

Must say I loved being the celebrity in her eyes, "the swimmer". She did not even know I was Super Joy, the swimmer. But she knew we shared a love of being colorful children who bravely swim and sometimes even go off the diving board into the deep end.

Today let's be loved more, fear less. Being brave is boldly being loved in our fear. Let's be present with each other. Let's celebrate and encourage the one in front of us to bravely be loved doing the next right thing in Love. Let's swim together in deeper Love. Jln, SUPER JOY, 6-11-19

Jun. 8, 2019

This friendly smile reMINDer brought to you by bright, colorful spinners and Super Joy.

"Small change for BIG JOY"

As a child I loved spinners. On our Saturday morning uptown, small town breakfast bikeride date, my Dad frequently gave me a dime. This small change often led to the five and ten store purchase of some happy toy: a super ball, some styrofoam airplane flyer or a spinner. Small change for big JOY.

Later in life, my Dad made hundreds of soda can spinners to display and give away in our front yard. Repurposed. Recycled Smile makers.

The first time I met my Philly friend Kathryn, I saw her motorized scooter basket decorated with spinners, stuffed characters and bubbles. Instantaneously, I knew I had found a soul mate. Today I am smiling.

Feeling my Dad and Kathryn presence in the Spirit breeze blowin' my new rainbow spinner garden purchase. Although my Dad and Kathryn are no longer physically present on this earth in their bodies, their heart gifts remain.

I continually am inviting the Light of Love to meet me when grief reveals another dark space of loss, another cost. Slowly, those dark places are becoming Light filled gifts much bigger than the cost. Small change for big JOY.

Today, You and I,

as we walk through our shadows

In the valleys.

Let's invite the everpresent Light of Love

to be revealed Fuller,

brighter in us.

Today, you and I,

let's Identify and

use our heart openers,

our JOY tools,

our child makers,

gratefully choosing to eat the Spirit JOY fruit,

especially in our difficults.

Small heart change for bigger heart JOY flow.

(Today's 😊 choice for me a spinner. After all reJOYce is to spin. Turns out truly I am designed to be a very colorful spinner of heavenly heART abunDANCE demonstrating Super JOY). Jln, SUPER JOY, 6-8-19